video stills that slap

I scrubbed through every frame of a good 40% of my footage and pulled the slappers. You know. I’d say this is pretty cool. Holding cameras is not a skill I possess but sometimes it really be your own hands. (Ya just gotta click to see the fully rendered images idiots)   Advertisements

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fuck you apple music

i wanted to share some music i really like currently. as in the past week. i suggest you listen to some of these songs, as i wouldn’t recommend them if they were shitty. this is my new form of sharing a Spotify playlist, because apparently some of you sonsa bitches still exclusively use Apple Music…

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Good evening, Idiot Hookers! Today, I have given you access to one of my older shorts, WALTER. This is a rough introspective inverse coming-of-age story which focuses greatly on the mother of a high school graduate who does not meet her expectations of living The American Family Dream.

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screaming in the woods

Oh, hey. I never know the right way to open a post, and had to stop myself from writing “Oh, hey girl. Come here often?” with a gif of Ryan Gosling. I think you’ll be really pleased that I refrained from doing so. So, as I had previously written, I moved to France! This was […]

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