Newport Rhodes-Island scene 9

it’s a character persona comedy INT. PLANNED PARENTHOOD WAITING ROOM – DAY NEWPORT Virgin Mary, I’m so glad you called. SISTER (O.S) Don’t call me Virgin Mary you kneepad-wearing dirty abdominal Congress bottom-feeding whore, I’m your sister. NEWPORT Fucking bitch — I have another call. (changing lines) Mr. Romney, I’ve been waiting for your call […]

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love & other thoughts

This is one of those things that I have so much to say about, and stuff that really is constantly shifting and evolving, so I put it on the back burner of my entire life and think “I’ll get to it at some point,” — but God damn, y’all know the time is now if […]

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King Screenplay

My former Instagram handle was @oldmanjenkins … I was bruised and hurting trying to open a Script Drop post, and even attempted “Oh, hello there — On Broadway!” so you can tell I was really just grasping at anything. I recently went rogue and took up Vimeo — hold for applause? — haha. You’re clearly all assholes and […]

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video stills that slap

I scrubbed through every frame of a good 40% of my footage and pulled the slappers. You know. I’d say this is pretty cool. Holding cameras is not a skill I possess but sometimes it really be your own hands. (Ya just gotta click to see the fully rendered images idiots)  

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fuck you apple music

i wanted to share some music i really like currently. as in the past week. i suggest you listen to some of these songs, as i wouldn’t recommend them if they were shitty. this is my new form of sharing a Spotify playlist, because apparently some of you sonsa bitches still exclusively use Apple Music…

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