Children Understanding Death

Death is inevitable, and the people that avoid it and ignore it are just timid and not sure of what to think about it. I’ve known since I was about five years old what it means to lose someone, as I lost my first dog around that time. It wasn’t easy for me at all. […]

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Families That Fight

It’s absolutely unavoidable. I couldn’t tell anyone that their families would stop fighting, because a lot of the time, they won’t. And, it’s assumed that I’m referring to couples, but I’m also referring to siblings, siblings and parents, siblings and yourself. Everyone pushes each other’s buttons, especially my family. There’s a silence upstairs, I’ve been […]

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Being a filmmaker, the most amazing point in the whole process is when it finally starts to come together. This can be within a day of shooting, when you see all the footage, when the soundtrack is added, when you finish the project after putting your everything into it. Trust me, I’m no professional. But […]

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