How to Know When a Friend is Real

My best friend and I in 2013; she in the wheel chair, me pushing it down ramps.
My best friend and I in 2013; she in the wheel chair, me pushing it down ramps.

Friends come and go. It’s a way of life. Someone can be your best friend one day, and then all of the sudden, everything has flipped upside down and you’ve both moved on.

If you’re a longtime reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’ve had my fair share of friendship drama. For a teenager, it’s a given matter of life. But, like I’ve also said, some people are given the short stick when it comes to friends.

My main goal in life is to be happy. And friends give me so much happiness, and push me to do my best. The friends I had when I was younger shaped who I am now.

I know exactly who gave me parts of me that I still hold; and I want to be a friend that impacts someone’s life for the better. I hope to be someone they will always depend on, or look back on in the future. Continue reading “How to Know When a Friend is Real”


Failing to Fit In

Photo on 12-2-14 at 6.50 PMI’ve never been one to immediately fit in with a group of people. Even in Kindergarten, when most kids would walk right up to a stranger and become best friends within minutes, I was always an extra wheel that was for a different car model.

It’s a place where a lot of people have been; you walk into a crowd of new people, and are unintentionally iced out. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work. You aren’t supposed to be there, maybe. Continue reading “Failing to Fit In”

Stress Without Reasoning

Pardon my useless posting within the next few weeks…

The title of this post may seem confusing to you. I won’t lie, it’s confusing to me when I read it. But

The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893hopefully, with explanation, you’ll be able to understand and connect to what I’m saying.

Stress is something everyone experiences many times throughout their lives. And whether it be something like fretting over a test the next day, or getting a phone call from the hospital that is informing you of an accident a loved one was in.

Stress for people like me– anxious, depressed– comes often and in Continue reading “Stress Without Reasoning”