6 Things to Be Happy About

Happy Sunday!

tumblr_inline_myulx5VQoJ1s3ixfhI’m writing to you from the floor of an overcrowded airport in the western midwest (does that even make sense?), where my flight back home has been delayed three hours. Usually, I really am an airport lover. But right now, in this old fashioned, tiny airport full of suburban people and no empty charging ports, I’m going crazy.

Since I have classes bright and early tomorrow, and an excruciatingly long and difficult chemistry test to look forward to, I decided to list some of the things (big and little) that make me happy to keep my spirits up.

As I sit, watching a toddler throw magazines on the ground and drool on a woman’s suitcase, I have no idea what I will be writing about, so bear with me.


1.) Snowflakes Being a midwesterner, I’ve seen a lot of snowflakes in my life. I’ve seen hand,snow,winter,inspiration,photography,-24b7c5eaf8f3f59af60af5a627f2d5ee_hthem in their ugly, slushy and clumping state, and I’ve seen them fall delicately onto people’s eyelashes, creating the most picture perfect moments I’ve ever witnessed. Every time I put my hand out in the air on a snowy evening, and a tiny snowflake falls directly in the center of my palm, it is a tiny moment of beauty that just sits and melts away as if it never even happened.

tumblr_ne99q2VePw1tckv4wo1_5002.) Beautiful songs Of course they make me happy. A song that gives me chills, causing goosebumps to trail up and down my skin; those moments when someone else’s work made you so simply happy are amazing. You know me, I’m a music buff, but I don’t fall head over heels for every single song. So when a moment like this occurs, I’m sure to be in bliss every moment of it. Especially at concerts, when you’re standing right in front of this person who is spouting this music, putting their heart and soul into it. I feel love for it in every inch of my heart. large

3.) A good hair day These are extremely underestimated. If you wake up, and barely have to touch your hair, the day will be good. If you read my post about hair, you know that I have a special attachment to it. So, when I don’t have to shred an ounce of worry over it, I’m content.

images4.) Making up your own dances I love dancing, whether its serious and I’m in class, or if I’m home alone. My family is crazy when it comes to impromptu dance breaks, so its not unusual when we break into full movement when the asian food delivery comes. All of my close friends know me for my ridiculous dance moves, and it brings me such joy to embarrass them in public with my animal-likes “moves”. tumblr_maw17v5XBj1r6bchgo1_1280

5.) Coffee I love coffee more than I should. I hide a ziploc bag of my favorite Keurig coffee pods in my desk, because my family tries to snatch them up before I can. The feeling of a full mug of coffee in the winter (or summer) is so soothing and is just a perfect moment. Or, waking up to your best friend (Kimmy) asking if I want a cup of coffee, too.

deep-breaths-interview-post6.) Deep breaths Every time I wake up in the morning, and take that first conscious breath, I am put at ease. The one that takes you up and then brings you back down, and clears your chest from any and all pressure. These kinds of breaths are really underestimated; you should take advantage of them… I sure do.

I think I’ll post a couple “Things to be Happy About” each week, just to help you go on with your week; getting a gentle reminder of the good things in life is always helpful.

This post was written in February.


2 thoughts on “6 Things to Be Happy About

  1. Hi Maggie I would like to interview you for an article I am writing about your awesome vlog, This is my Face, for a website called Project GirlSpire. Interested?


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