a running list of funny things i find

giphy.gifThis is a post I will hopefully remember to update. If I don’t, feel free to yell at me (but not too loud, because I will get scared and probably cry).

I love funny things, as most people do. I love laughing. It is terrific, except my laugh is really embarrassing so I try not to do it too much in front of people. But in the comfort of my secluded apartment, I am free to cachinnate as I please. Continue reading “a running list of funny things i find”


the motivation…simply gone

I’m sure every human can relate to this in one way or another. You have a project, a dream, a desire, a job, a whatever, that you had been extremely ecstatic about. It was one of those things that you fell asleep thinking about, that you spent hours working on or planning. And then, outer circumstances changed. And the motivation and desire just…fizzled. I don’t know. It just became more of a “I wish” instead of a “I’m going to”. Continue reading “the motivation…simply gone”