what’s bumpin’, what’s boppin’, it’s time for New York to take over


Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 12.07.10 AM.pngHello, lower west-siders.


I have to say, after my move to New York and frequent all-nighters watching Gossip Girl with my roommate (Sloane), starting a new post for the first time giphy.gifin a while made me feel like Dan Humphrey himself cracking his knuckles and settling in to roast the fuck out of Manhattan’s Elite.

But, I am not actually here to pull out my gossip and fry all of you. I thought it was about time I came back for a few words before I start my first day of university in New York — seems fitting, as my first blog post was the week before I started my freshman year of high school… time moves but tendencies stick, clearly.

You all know I’m a slut for writing pointless shit that no one actually wants to read but feels intrigued enough to check in on. So here’s another carb for you!

I find it quite interesting how normal all of this feels to me. I moved here last week, and giphy-1.gifbuilt my eBay furniture with my dad in my apartment. He left, I went to (a majority of) orientation week — and everything just started settling in. Of course, I feel anxiety, but really just for smaller manageable issues. I get stressed about finding the right required readings for class, and figuring out why there are holds on my student account, and remembering that you need to pay hefty money to wash your own damn clothes in Manhattan. Manageable.

But other than those little affairs, I’m regulated. Me coming here was something I had looked forward to for a longass time, and it was more of a relief when I arrived. Like something that hadn’t been right for awhile was finally settling back into the place where it was supposed to be. That was an incoherent sentence, and I haven’t looked back to giphy-2.gifread it since I wrote it because I know it don’t make no fuckin’ sense.

Anyway, I’m falling asleep as I write this, so I’ll check back in at some later point.



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