King Screenplay


I recently went rogue and took up Vimeo — hold for applause? — haha. You’re clearly all assholes and haven’t noticed, but I don’t blame you; I’m no filmmaker. It’s okay, we can all say it. I am technologically challenged.

Which segues us to my delivery, the screenplay I swore, “this time, man… this time, I’m gonna put this one in production.” But I just simply did not, as I realize tonight, and so I drop it here. Into the mess of others! They are swimming together!

Jesus fucking Christ.

This is King, which was derived from a photo-roman titled “La Luxure et la Phobie du Crabe” I created earlier in the year. As I say for all I write, take it as you will. It’s my experimental and absolutely, absurdly surreal baby, the butting heads of lust and phobia. This definitely is a piece I like a lot, and if you ever have the means to produce it with me, I would be honored.


Click link to open King.

Script King


Click her eyes to view La Luxure et la Phobie du Crabe on Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 1.51.09 AM.png

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