Scrap Dialogue


scrap dialogue

(lacking placement & format)

Fiction II




I wasn’t listening before, I’m sorry.

Oh. What do you last remember me telling you?

Something -- I can’t -- You were telling me about a dream, with the 16th century ship masts and rotting wood.

That was before. 


I make up dreams all the time. It just makes people feel special.

Why would that make me feel special?

That one wasn’t for you. I was just giving it a test run.


I’ve gotten you something.

When did you have time for that?

Last week. 

You were thinking about me last week?

In passing.

Is it a gift?

Everything given is a gift.

Now you’re just being impudent.

No, I’m not.

What’s the gift, then?

This is really making you squirm.

I haven’t heard from home in a while.

Have they heard from you?

I wanted to know, y’know… if you needed anything. While I’m around.

How long is it going to last?

This? Or me here?

You can’t know how long this will last.


I wish you hadn’t come.

I wish you had seen me earlier.

I’ll leave.

That’s alright.

You look different.

I don’t feel it.


No. This all looks… off, too.

I changed a lot.

You think so?


I don’t know.

What’s there not to know? You can’t see change if you’re not around.

You can measure change in lapses of time.


You’ve changed.

I know.

Not in that way I think you think.

I think I’m getting tired.

That’s alright.

Do you want me to stay?

I thought you were tired.

I am.

I want you to stay.


My dad changed a lot.

Mine did too.


He stopped looking at me like a dad. 

Like a friend?

Like a roommate.


I think puberty made him feel weird.


My parents wanted another boy.

I’m glad you came.

I’ll be going soon.

You came just to leave.

That’s how it’s always worked.

Yeah, but some people just stay.

Ah. AH, I can’t. I feel like my brain is exploding.

Just show restraint.

Are you kidding? What do you think I’ve been doing?

Keep singing.

It’s like - ah - how your contractions a- are safe as l-long as you - ooo - can talk through them?

That’s - wow. Devastating turn-off.

Ah. Ah, damn.



Ye- okay, just lie back down.

I could’ve guessed your order.

But you didn’t.

I thought it in my head. 

Real thought?

Real. Spelled out in bugging letters and all.

You don’t know me for shit. 

That’s bullshit.

Yeah? When’s my ma’s birthday?

I don’t know my own mom’s birthday.

Yes. You don’t know me, and you’re ignorant.

You’d’ve kissed my cheek if I got it right.




I don’t even know her birthday.

Capital of New York.


Too easy. Wisconsin.

You don't even know that, jackass.

I don't even -- I don--

Where did this come from? Have you been thinking on it for long?

This isn’t -- shouldn’t -- be new information.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t talk.


I forget how to. Sometimes.

You’re going to shit yourself when you realize you’re speaking right now.

I forget to listen.


I can hear you.

My dad started liking me more.


When I got off the track that mirrored my mom’s.

They don’t get along?

They don’t get along.

I’ve heard about you.

Yeah, that I’ve got a loose drunk personality?

Just your name.


That’s interesting, though.

I wouldn’t know.


Last night.

What time?

I don’t know. Four or five.

Are you fucking kidding me?

In the morning.

Christ. I didn’t hear you, no.

And you’re a light sleeper, yeah?


So then all is well, yeah? We’re good, yeah?


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