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Hope To Be Around Script(s)

A drafting segment for Hope To Be Around (2019) ‘A young woman, numbed by cannabis and the harshities of the city, spirals into a realm of unreliable memories when she receives guidance from an all-knowing apparition of her late brother.’

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Newport Rhodes-Island x scene 9

excerpt RNI INT. PLANNED PARENTHOOD WAITING ROOM – DAY NEWPORT Virgin Mary, I’m so glad you called. SISTER (O.S) Don’t call me Virgin Mary you kneepad-wearing dirty abdominal Congress bottom-feeding whore, I’m your sister. NEWPORT Fucking bitch — I have another call. (changing lines) Mr. Romney, I’ve been waiting for your call you filthy scum […]

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King Screenplay

I recently went rogue and took up Vimeo — hold for applause? — haha. You’re clearly all assholes and haven’t noticed, but I don’t blame you; I’m no filmmaker. It’s okay, we can all say it. I am technologically challenged. Which segues us to my delivery, the screenplay I swore, “this time, man… this time, I’m […]

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